포항시, '장애인공동생활가정 ‘우리집’' 관리 손 놨나?

”공익신고자는 해고통보, 피해자는 대형수용시설, 피의자는 버젓이 시설 운영“

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420포항공투단은 지난 9일 포항시청 앞 광장 앞에서 기자회견을 열어 장애인공동생활가정에서 벌어진 A시설의 시설장 성추행사건과 관련, (성추행)피해자 수용시설로 분리 조치, 공익신고(성추행)자에 대한 탄압 중단을 요구했다.


▲ 420포항공투단은 지난6월9일 포항시청 앞에서 포항시를 규탄하는 기자회견을 했다. ©420포항공투단


이날 420포항공투단에 따르면 "지난해 3월 24일, 사회복지법인‘우리공동체’가 운영하는 장애인공동생활가정 A시설의 시설장이 생활관 내 식당에서 시설장애인 B씨를 성추행한 혐의로 기소된 사건은 이 시설에서 종사하던 직원의 공익신고로 드러났지만 법인을 비롯한 시설운영자들이 공익신고자를 무고뿐 아니라 육아휴직 전 협의와의 다른 출퇴근 시간 통보, 연장근로 지시를 하며 불가능한 업무를 지시하는 등 보복행위와 탄압을 하는 일이 발생했다"고 주장했다.


또 "보호받아야 할 성추행 피해자 B씨는 또 다른 대형수용시설로 전원조치되어‘장애인공동생활가정’에서 그나마 누릴 수 있었던 자립지원을 받지 못하는 상황"이라며 "피해자와 공익신고자를 적극적으로 보호해야 할 지자체(포항시)의 조치는 그 어디에도 없었다"고 말했다.


반면, 현재까지 "범죄 혐의를 받는 A시설의 시설장 및 공익신고자를 탄압한 핵심 주체인 시설 법인은 포항시로부터 어떠한 행정조치를 받지 않고 있다"고 지적했다.


420포항공투단은 "아직도 많은 피해사례와 인권침해가  번번하게 지속되는 이유가 관리·감독의 주체인 지자체의 침묵과 탈시설·자립생활정책을 수립하지 않은데 따른 것"이라며 전수조사를 요구 했다.


이와함께 420포항공투단은 "인권침해 반복되는 장애인 분리, 수용시설을 폐쇄하고 장애인이 지역사회에 함께 사는 탈시설, 자립생활 정책을 수립해 달라"고 촉구했다.


<아래는 구글번역기로 번역한 기사 전문이다.>

<The following is the full text of the article translated by Google Translate.>


The 420 Pohang Fighter Group held a press conference in front of the Pohang City Hall square in front of the Pohang City Hall on June 9th, in connection with the allegation of sexual harassment by the facility manager of Facility A, which took place at a facility where the victims were segregated into detention facilities and condemned the city of Pohang for suppressing public interest reporters.


On March 24 last year, the head of a facility A for a community living for the disabled operated by the social welfare corporation ‘Our Community’ was indicted on charges of sexually harassing a person with a disability B in a restaurant in the dormitory. This case turned out to be a public interest report by a facility employee who worked at the facility.


On that day, the 420 Pohang Fighter Group reported to the investigation agency despite the fact that the public interest reporter was expected to receive a disadvantage from the facility. He claimed that retaliation and oppression occurred, such as giving notices, overtime work orders, and impossible work orders.


In addition, sexual harassment victim B, who should be protected, has been transferred to another large accommodation facility and is unable to receive the support for self-reliance that she was able to enjoy in a 'community family with the disabled'. He said that there was no action by the local government to actively protect victims and public interest whistleblowers.


On the other hand, he pointed out that the facility corporation, the key entity that suppressed the facility manager and public interest reporters of Facility A, who has been accused of crimes so far, has not received any administrative action from the city of Pohang.


The reason why the 420 Pohang Fighting Group still continues to suffer from many cases of damage and human rights violations is that the local government, which is the main body of management and supervision, is silent, tolerates and does not thoroughly investigate criminal facilities, and has a policy of deinstitutionalization and independent living. He said that it was not established and that a full investigation should be carried out.


In addition, the 420 Pohang Fighting Group demanded the establishment of a policy for the separation of the disabled, which repeatedly violates human rights, the closing of accommodation facilities, and the establishment of a policy for deinstitutionalization and independent living for the disabled to live together in the local community. 



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